Pinus Hill's

Maine Coon Cattery



We (me and my family) are hobby Maine Coon cattery situated in Ig, near capital city od Slovenia – Ljubljana, who have fallen in love with this amazing breed. We live in a wonderful place surrounded by our dogs breed rough collies (kennel Androma).

Our cats are fully integrated family members and mainly our pets. We occasionally have kittens available that we have breed from selected lines. Our kittens are born in my room and raised lovingly at our home and receive luxury treatment from the day they’re born.


I am grateful to have these lovely creatures share in and enrich our lives, I couldn’t imagine being without them anymore.

In 2017 we registered cattery named by Pinus Hill's which is associated with the history of this breed - first Maine Coon cats were lived in USA, in State named Maine (which is also the name of breed) are pine trees, which are in Latin Pinus...

Breeding Maine Coons is our passion and MY beloved hobby that we spend a lot of time and money on! Against common belief, breeding pedigree cats is not about letting our cats breed, in fact, it takes much careful consideration, a lot of planning and can be a rather (emotionally) intense, time-consuming and expensive hobby, but it is also very rewarding and simply delightful when everything goes well!

Our cats are bought from serious catteries, they are surrounded by care and attention and they live like our family members. We feed them with high quality food, are always on time vaccinated and are FeLV and FIV negative. All our cats, who are part of our breeding program, have done ultrasound of HCM and are genetically testerd for HCM, PKD, SMA, PRA, PKDef in laboratory named Laboklin. They also have hip x-ray done - hip estimate is made in OFA - Orthopedic Fundations for Animals, and without HIPS DYSPLASIA! With them we also regulary visit shows and have excelent results.


Every breed has a written standard and every breeder will have their own interpretation of it, and subsequently their own goals they would like to achieve. Our goal is to breed healthy cats by standard, nice in type with gentle nature!

We’re registered in FIFe association and we are members of Felis Hungarica too.

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